Codica Named a Top Progressive Web App Development Company

November 26, 2020
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Codica is a Ukrainian software development consultancy that specializes in building custom web applications.

From the very beginning, PWA development has been a priority area for our company. Since our company was founded, we have delivered cost-effective cross-platform solutions for plenty of domains. They include insurance, automotive, finance, e-commerce, and travel.

Our desire to help customers solve even the most complex business tasks with powerful progressive web applications did not go unnoticed. We are proud to say that Codica was included in the list of top progressive web app development companies of 2020 by

Industry recognition

When it comes to progressive web applications, we have seen their potential since day one. We consider them a perfect combination of native apps and websites since they provide the best of both worlds to the users.

For this reason, we invested a significant amount of resources to become one of the premier progressive app development firms in the industry. Today we are proud to say that these efforts were rewarded. In the recent press release, named Codica a Top Progressive Web App Development Company of 2020.

Top PWA Developers badge

It is worth noting that knows the knack of picking the right companies. We are already listed as one of the Top Ruby on Rails Development Companies on their website.

If you visit Codica's profile on, you will find that our focus on web and software development services is quite high. Due to this, we are always researching and looking out for the latest technologies and a better way of implementation. This approach is one of the primary reasons for our success in the field of progressive app development.

What is a PWA (progressive web app)?

The term “progressive web app” is applied to web apps that are advanced with specific features. These enhancements allow PWAs to provide users with a seamless native app experience.

Progressive web apps are built with the help of modern technologies such as React, Angular, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. PWAs perform like mobile applications but via browsers.

This new technology allows companies to communicate with their mobile audience without having to involve mobile application development services. Also, users don’t need to search for a PWA progressive web app in app stores, download, and install it. Instead, they can quickly add such an app to the home screen of their devices.

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Progressive web applications can help improve engagement rate and boost conversions. Besides, they help your website rank higher in search results, and allow you to save costs on mobile app development. In this regard, their benefits for business are undeniable.

Many world’s leading brands have successfully implemented PWA technology. For example, below you can see a Pinterest PWA website (desktop and mobile versions).

Pinterest PWA website

By turning their site into a progressive web application, Pinterest achieved great results. User regenerated revenue increased by 44%, and the platform saw a 40% increase in the time that users spent on the website.

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Why choose Codica for PWA development?

Working on a PWA project together

Being an experienced PWA development company, we are aware of those benefits that the implementation of a progressive web app can bring enterprises of any size. With the help of PWA technology, businesses can keep their visitors engaged, increase web traffic, and improve their brand visibility. For this reason, all web applications that are developed by our team are progressive web apps by default.

Like in all the digital products that our team develops, when it comes to building progressive web applications, we maintain high engineering standards. Also, we bear in mind specific business needs and industry peculiarities. Owing to this results-driven PWA web development approach, we build high-quality web products that help our customers grow their businesses.

Below you can see the key characteristics of Codica team. We firmly believe that these features allowed us to be listed among the best software development consultancies.

Strong UX/ UI design skills

Our team adheres to the latest PWA design guidelines and best practices. Thus, we ensure that the solutions delivered will take a positive impact on our clients’ businesses.

When creating a progressive web app, we provide an excellent UX/UI design for both smartphone and desktop users. When it comes to the mobile version, we remove all extra sections or details that can confuse users.

At the same time, designing the PWA progressive web app for desktop, we add spacers where applicable. Also, we focus on graphic content, including images, photos, illustrations.

Exiting start of a new PWA project

Proven software development expertise

We are proud to say that is not the only platform that put us on their lists of the best IT companies. Our hard work and dedication to our clients were also recognized by such famous research agencies as Clutch, GoodFirms, AppFutura, etc.

The full list of our gratifying rewards looks the following way:

Our achievements

Reviews from satisfied customers

Over the years, we have had the good fortune of working with a diverse set of clients. They often leave testimonials to express satisfaction with our stellar PWA development services.

We value each review we get. These testimonials serve as excellent proof of our reliability and dedication. Besides, they gave a solid reason to list us as a top progressive web app development company.

Below you can see the testimonial from our customer:

Client's review

Adoption of the latest technologies

It is worth noting that companies need to use the most advanced technology stack to build a fast-loading PWA website. This way, customers will get reliable solutions that work seamlessly on any device regardless of its operating system.

Speaking about the technology stack used by our PWA agency, it is as follows:

  • Front-end. We use React and Vue.js for the client-side of progressive web apps. React is a good option when you need to build apps with dynamically loading and changing content. For example, Twitter Light PWA was built with its help. In addition, Vue.js allows us to create lightweight and easy-to-fix progressive web apps.
  • Back-end. Regarding the server-side of progressive web apps, Ruby and Ruby on Rails are our ultimate choice.
  • Web page styles. For creating web page styles, we use SCSS/CSS-in-JS/Modular Stylesheets.
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Codica’s expertise in building progressive web apps

What makes a great progressive web app development company, you may wonder. We can say for sure that it is a portfolio with relevant successful case studies.

Indeed, customers searching for a reliable development partner for their project, always check their works. Thus, they will get a better understanding of projects the company deals with and their complexity.

We are happy to announce that a successful PWA project was added to our portfolio recently.

Babel Cover Case Study

We got a request from an insurance technology startup to build an intuitive cross-platform solution for bicycle riders. Customers should be able to purchase an insurance policy or report an incident via their smartphones.

Babel PWA website created by Codica

Our task was to provide users with a fast-loading and user-friendly solution that would allow accessing the app’s functionality even with a weak or unstable internet connection. For this reason, the best option was to build a PWA progressive web app.

The implementation of PWA technology enables the app users to purchase an insurance policy and report an incident from their phone in the fastest way possible. All they have to do is to install an insurance web application.

For more information about the project, check the full PWA case study.

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Codica is a team of professionals who make the customers’ success their top priority. We are happy to help our clients grow their business with powerful and engaging web applications. It is a great achievement for us to be named a top PWA development company.

If you are ready to invest in PWA development services and are now looking for a reliable software partner, feel free to contact us. We will be delighted to help you set on a digital transformation journey.


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