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Analist  is a Dutch company providing complete information about European and US financial markets. Suggesting free overviews on reputable banks stocks and tips how to manage them, Analist is a reliable guide to the world of stock exchanges.

When Analist came to us, they had a simple information website operating in Netherland and Belgium. They wanted to transform it into a publishing platform for many countries. Besides, they needed the subscription-based “Pro Section” leading investors to right decisions.


We analyzed the old website’s architecture and found that it was much better to deliver a new one from scratch. The main issue was PHP code written without any framework, which is a huge pain for many aged PHP-based websites.

We decided to use Ruby on Rails that exactly matched our task.

So the product backlog had the following epics:

  • Conversion of old PHP/MySQL-based website
  • A multi-domain publishing platform
  • An advanced web-presence
  • A high-powered “Pro Section”
Analist client@2x
Ronald Kok

“We cooperate for many years with Codica and are very happy that we can let all our IT projects  being developed by them, including our main product Analist.

We've been working closely with the dev team, and this is the key to the successful launching of our project.

These guys are up-to-date with the latest technology, and they know what they are doing, delivering quality code.”


Our team evaluated the backlog and started working on the robust solution for Analist.

Architecture revised

Application and database migration was the first step, but not an easy one. For example, we only left about 65 tables from the initial 93. The old database had a lot of duplications, and we solved all conflicts.

We took the following steps:

  • Reverse engineering of the old website’s core logic and database
  • Writing a mini-specification for the preceding paragraph
  • Migrating MySQL database to PostgreSQL carefully reducing the data to avoid any duplicates
  • Delivering new Ruby on Rails solution

Multi-domain web platform

Using provided solution, Analist created 9 websites, and the most valuable of them are:

Multi vendor marketplace home page | Codica

Features of the solution are:

  • Multiple domains support
  • Fully localized, including URL names
  • Customized design and functionality

Advanced web-presence


The homepage reflects the most recent data on all the sectors of the financial market, including brief stock information.

Finance analytics platform case study: Home page

Stocks page

The Rates section shows up-to-date fluctuations at the stock market and numerous filter options help find the required data.

Finance analytics platform case study: Case stocks page

Stock filter

Stock filter helps find a set of stock by defined criterias.

Finance analytics platform case study: Case stock filter


We created News section to inform visitors of the recent events in the financial world.

Finance analytics platform case study: Case news


Reports page displays annual incomes, outcomes and returns of any particular public company.

Finance analytics platform case study: Case reports

Other pages

We enforced the solution with many additional features covering all the financial market segments.

Finance analytics platform case study: Case other pages

Admin part

We integrated a full Admin board, which allows managing data independently, without engaging the additional team.

Finance analytics platform case study: Case admin part

Pro Section

Login and registration

Given this section with more extended data, it requires registration. For customers to choose, we integrated PayPal and Robobank payment systems.

Finance analytics platform case study: Case login and registration

Pro Section member area

The expanded information here helps financial analysts make right decisions on the financial market.

Finance analytics platform case study: Case pro section


We paid special attention to the high capacity of the website. To ensure the smooth operation, we tuned up the response servers and implemented Advanced caching strategy. It resulted in a reduction of a significant typical server response to 100-150 ms.

Finance analytics platform case study: Case optimisations

Tech stack


Ruby on Rails










Rabobank payment API





The outcome succeeded all the expectations. Analist team witnessed the platform attendance growth. Moreover, website visitors have noticed its improved usability, clarity and enhanced information content.

What’s the outcome?

  • Rapid SaaS solution with paid-up membership delivered
  • Typical server response decreased to 100-150 ms
  • Continuously updated and easy-to-use website
  • Powerful CMS and Admin area integrated
  • Works for both beginners and major players of the financial market

We collaborate with Analist team on an ongoing basis, supporting the delivered solution and helping grow and prosper.

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