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Orosberg is the Swedish company which reached out to us, wishing to build a new multifunctional web application.

It represents an internal tracking system for already implemented projects. The system focuses on large organizations, helping them improve sales. Besides, it helps them participate in the public procurement process.

The system contains multiple companies and is reinforced with extensive media library, an essential part of creating new quotations for their clients.


The all-important challenge of the project is a comprehensive filtering system, based on dynamically configurable data.

The following shows epics we faced to:

  • Assisting dashboard
  • All-inclusive search & filter functionality
  • Superior projects and media management
  • Augmented entities customization


We investigated a mockup provided by the client and started building the system from scratch.

Assisting dashboard


The root page grants quick access to main system options and shows recent projects and media. Both projects and media are tagged according to their features and sorted by collections.

Case home page@blurred


This option shows a number of projects and media bound to a particular attribute.

Case statistics@blurred

Advanced search functionality

Browse Projects & Media

Each attribute is completed with rich picture gallery, highlighting the visual aspect of the system. We integrated an option to tag and filter all pictures by the same characteristics as projects, so each of them is connected to a particular project.

Case browse@blurred

Advanced filters

Advanced search functionality is an essential part of the delivered solution. For users’ convenience, we integrated quick filters to help them find projects coinciding their preferences and budgeting.

Case advanced filters@blurred

Project & Media details

When users choose one particular project to explore, they get a full description and main characteristics of cost, duration, and audience. Such a detailed overview сovers all aspects, giving a clear view of the overall scale of work.

Case projects details@blurred

Superior projects and media management

Add Project

The company owners can extend their network, adding new projects they have already rolled out. This option contains a wide range of attributes required for a broad outline of a project, from description to cost and location.

Case add project@blurred

Add Media

As visual components are just as necessary as a detailed description, a customer may accompany his project with a rich gallery.

Case add media@blurred

My collections

We introduced this option for users to compare all the essential details. Labeling a project as the favorite, they create their space for data storage.

Case my collecions@blurred

Augmented entities customization

Project template

Owners of companies or administrators can set the appearance of their projects by themselves. The intuitive interface of the template settings will enable them to introduce projects to the best advantages.

Case project template@blurred

Media template

Customizable layout of pictures is a very important piece of project preferences. Having an access to broad functionalities, the project owners can adjust any detail, from quality of images to rating and visibility.

Case media template@blurred

Tag library

Tag libraries are integral part of the tree-like сustom structure. Using tags in attributes, users bind them to each other, which significantly simplifies project governance.

Case tag library@blurred

Tech stack


Ruby on Rails






Google Maps




It would be no exaggeration to say that Project Reference System is pride and joy of Codica developers. The platform amazes with scalability and wide range of options and features.

What’s on balance?

  • Supporting dashboard
  • Enhanced search and filter functionality
  • Extended project and media management
  • Intelligent adaptation

We are still collaborating with this client, rolling out a range of improvements on a regular basis.

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